Hard Nipple – Causes, Treatment & Care by Specialist

Hard nipples are normally involuntary and are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, which also coordinates and regulates all our other subconscious physiological functions.

Hard Nipple - Causes, Treatment & Care by Specialist
Hard Nipple – Causes, Treatment & Care by Specialist

What does it mean when your nipples get hard- The Reason

When someone experiences hard nipples, painful nipples, their first concern may be whether this is evidence of a health problem.

The good news is that it is rarely a symptom of cancer or any other disease. It is common to become irritable during certain activities like playing with nipples.

Here, in this article, we found out the common causes of nipple pain, management of symptoms, and the time to see a doctor.

Ever wondered why do nipples get hard-

Nipples are strange, when you feel cold, they become harder, sticking from thumb to throat, and sometimes, hard for no apparent reason. Below facts might help to simplify the issue.
  • One only discovers that there is often a reason behind unexpected erections, beneath a specific type of nerve cell that does nothing more than an erect nipple . There is a scientific reason behind nipples getting hard when cold outside.
  •  Sheri A: Ross, a female health expert, and author of She-Allology, author of Intimate Health of Women, says period, it’s completely normal.
  • When you have hair on your arms and legs, it is like fart bumps. But along your nipples, neurons are activated by a neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, which shrinks the ejector muscle on your skin. It is as much an internal reaction externally.
  • The safety of ISRO is more prominent than the stiff nipples, caused by the muscle fibers in the ashes of your nipple. They answer enthusiastically and specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for women. 
  • FYI, women are not the only ones who experience stiff nipples when they are cold. There is no shame in reacting to this body temperature.

Treatments and DIY home remedies for problem:-

Using many home remedies have to reduce sore throat, and painful nipples include-
  • Massage
  • Cold tea bags
  • Hot compressed
  • Ice
  • Moisturizers

There is no evidence that these remedies are sure-shot, but may provide relief, depending on the cause of some symptoms. But follow these extra care tips to avoid severe harm.
  • In the event of any change in the nipple, seek appropriate diagnosis and medical treatment.
  • If symptoms appear after exercising, a person may apply a topical barrier product designed for athletes. To reduce friction, do so before the next workout.
  • If the symptoms follow the use of a new skincare product like shampoo, stop using the product and observe if the symptoms resolve. Still, you don’t find relief to see a doctor.

The possible causes for the trouble:-

Sometimes, it is natural for the nipples to harden. In many cases, the associated pain can be avoided or managed. Reasons for stiff nipples include:

Exercise and sports-

Exercise can cause nipple friction and pain, especially in women who exercise without sports or a poorly fitting sports bra. It can cause soreness, dryness, irritation, and bleeding.

Allergic reaction-

Nipples are among the most sensitive parts of the body and will react differently to stimuli. Changes in weather and some clothing, including wool, can cause pain and itching in the nipples.

Pregnancy period-

The tenderness of the nipples and breasts during pregnancy is typical during the first trimester, although similar symptoms may occur in the third. A well-fitted bra can help reduce coughing, pain, and itching from a bra.


Skin inflammation may cause tingling and pain in one or two nipples. Nipples with Eczema looks flaky, crusty, and red, and discharge is possible.

Certain medicines and herbs-

Medicines prescribed for depression or anxiety are associated with pain in the breasts and nipples and other symptoms.


Breast or nipple erection is the common sign of this issue in the women’s body, due to the fall in the estrogen heading towards menopause. This conclusive change may be due to the change in the breast size. You may also feel hard nipples due to irregular menstrual cycle, sleep disorders, dry vagina, sex drive issues, or fertility fall offs.


The nipples’ sensitivity is disturbed when it is pierced. They may become frequently hard with no other signs. Piercing may look appealing but it may not always be safe, with germs entering through the piercing holes.

Abscess of the breast-

The holes that have been created in the nipples, invite bacterias to enter the breast, causing a build-up of pus. This problem may trigger hard nipples, caused when mastitis is left untreated.

Some home-

Grown remedies, including advancing bosom milk, can similarly cause aerobic pain, efficacy, and confusion.

Early symptoms associated with the nipple includes redness and crusting, besides the below signs.
  • Itching
  • Tingling
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain or burning
  • Change in nipple size
  • Bloody or yellow discharge

When to a see doctor-
  • While nipple pain and other symptoms may be uncomfortable, they rarely indicate cancer.
  • These symptoms may resolve on their own, or they may be easier to manage. Any questions about the source of nipple pain should be to the doctor.
  • Women and men who cannot identify the cause of nipple symptoms and are at risk of breast cancer should consult a doctor, especially in the event of pain and discharge.

Consulting a doctor will prevent you from further damage. Anything that is treated early will be curable easily and will require less treatment.

Epic causes for permanent erection of the nipple:-

  • The nipples constantly hard, which does not indicate any problem, but only due to touch or cold. 
  • Nipples become bulging due to the contraction of smooth muscle (muscle fibers). When this happens, the muscle fibers shrink, which cooks the ball and straightens the nipple.
  • Nipples erection is similar to fart bumps on your skin, both caused by perimeter reflexes. The nipples with veins can be sensitive ones. Exposure to cold is a common cause of erectile nipples.
  • Both sexual stimulation and lactation can cause nipples through the release of oxytocin.
  • It is important to discuss your nipple concerns with your primary care physician or gynecologist and have an annual breast examination. If you are embarrassed by your bulging nipples, you can try wearing tapered bends or a light padded or lined bra over your nipples.
  • When your baby eats due to stimulation, nipples can become stiff. But hard nipple breastfeeding can also be a sign of mastitis, which is the most common cause of breast tissue infection in mothers.
  • Long hard nipples on a frequent basis are completely normal. Nerves in the nipple react to both physical and psychological stimuli. 
  • So an exciting thought, a change in temperature or something as simple as washing clothes against your skin can be something that can straighten one or both of your nipples.

In conclusion, we want to share the most-

While there is no shame to talk about and maintain a healthy lifestyle, our nipples and breasts also require some regular support. Dr. Sherry spoke, the majority of breast tissue is unsupported. 

Breast tissue with highly sensitive nerves inhibits aggressive movements and activities and disrupts the tissues, producing painful symptoms. 

Wearing the right bra size with adequate support will prevent breast tenderness and nipple pain. We will continue to get more information about the hard nipples in the future to educate you about the risks related to the problem. 

If you haven’t found matter to your issues, stay connected, and read our blog for Only Health Cares, further help. 

Stay healthy Stay safe!

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