Hypertension headache | Causes | Symptoms | Treatment

Hypertension headache 

Hypertension Headache commonly called high blood pressure can be dangerous but can be prevented by attaining a healthy lifestyle and not stressing out on little things.

hypertension headache

 What is a hypertension headache dangerous?

Hypertension is the problem of high blood pressure, in which the pressure of blood in the arteries increases abnormally. With the increase of this pressure, the heart needs more work to manage the flow of food in the blood vessels, increasing the blood pressure level dangerously. 

The main reasons for hypertension are stress and an unhealthy diet, which can be of any kind, but it is more commonly seen in those living away from home.

     If the blood pressure level is more than 130/80 mmHg,the person falls into the category of hypertension or blood pressure. Although high blood pressure can affect any part of the body at any time.

     High blood pressure increases the blood flow in the eyes thus causing the retina to form blurred images.

     High blood pressure can cause you severe headaches and blurred vision, besides there, is a possibility of a loss of eyesight in serious conditions.
     119/79 or lower is considered normal blood pressure and 140/90 or higher is considered high blood pressure.
      When between 120 to 139 for the above nomination or between 80 to 89 for the bottom nomination, the condition is called prehypertension.

Symptoms for hypertension

Do I have a hypertension headache? Various signs can indicate the presence of blood pressure problems in the body. High blood pressure usually has no evident symptoms, but it can cause a stroke, heart failure, or kidney failure unknowingly. Below are some indications not to be ignored as they can be a sign of high BP.

     Frequent headaches and it hasn’t been common to you. This can be an indication that the blood pressure is high.
     The body becomes reactive to sugary meals, eliminating such food by vomiting.
      A migraine headache typically affects only one part of the brain, making the victim helpless lasting from four hours to about three days.
     Tension-type headache making the victim feels pain all over the forehead, usually lasting for several days. The victim may feel stress, feel restless, and tired all the time.
      Cluster headache or suicidal headache is a type of unbearable pain occurring only on one side of the brain. Most of the area where there is this type of pain is very severe. The eye on that side turns red and water also starts running out.

Headache may occur due to any other reasons. Doctors sometimes may not know the main cause of headaches, but they believe that it might be due to chemical reactions in the brain veins, or blood vessels that send pain signals.

What is hypertensive crisis?

Hypertension or high blood pressure means the pressure exerted on the blood vessels during the heart’s functioning. Generally, a hypertensive crisis is known to people as high blood pressure, the risk of hypertension can be at any age due to the irregularity of lifestyle and bad eating habits. Therefore, if this has not improved over time, then it can take the form of a hypertension crisis. Many reasons for the hypertensive crisis are-

     For kidney patients, the risk of hypertensive crisis due to kidney failure is high, besides heart attack or stroke.
     Risk due to heart failure.
     Risk due to skipped blood pressure medicine.
     Combination of medicines, which together can cause harm to the body.

Visit the nearest doctor or the emergency ward in case of a hypertensive crisis to avoid any kind of mishappening and disclose all medical history to the concerned examiner.

Causes of hypertension headache

What is the reason for hypertension headache (high blood pressure)?
High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition in which the vein shrinks and loosens. When this happens, the pressure of blood flow rises, causing dizziness or nausea. The condition of high blood pressure can be fatal at times for which your healthy food can be your lifelong lifestyle. High blood pressure is also called the hyper bank, causing more pressure on the arteries, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Let us know the four major causes of this type of headache.
     Nausea – A sudden change in blood pressure may cause nausea. Actually, changes in blood pressure also have an effect on the digestive system. Therefore because of the upset stomach, blood pressure fluctuations can cause nausea or vomiting, resulting in a headache.
     Sweating – Stress increases blood pressure. It can also cause panic attacks or anxieties, too much come back, or never start to feel tingling. These symptoms can be caused by sharp fluctuations in the content of adrenaline in the body.
     Headache – Headache is very common in today’s busy lifestyle. it also can be caused due to cold, stress, or dehydration. But severe recurrent headaches may be initial symptoms of hypertension. For this drinking water and resting regularly might provide relief in the headache.
     Stare – Feeling trouble in breathing is also a sign of increased pressure. This may be due to fluctuations in the cardiovascular system. The heart is responsible for circulating blood in the body, through this the drainage of blood reaching the lungs is also responsible for the headache.

Tested treatment for hypertension headache

What is the treatment for hypertension?

You can treat hypertension with the help of prescribed medication, and a healthy lifestyle. If you are suffering hypertension due to other problems like diabetes or kidney diseases, then talk to the doctor first hand.

The most commonly prescribed medications for the disease include.

     Calcium channel blockers
     Angiotensin-converting enzyme
     (ACE) Inhibitors

     Change in lifestyle can be of help besides taking medicines.

     Adopt weight loss plans if you are overweight ( as per doctor)
     Exercise for 30 minutes five time a week
     Drinking alcohol is limited.
      No more than four drinks in a week.
     Quit smoking if you’re a chain smoker.
     Eat fruits and vegetable five-time daily
     Reduce the intake of low-fat food and sodium-rich foods, such as cheese, pickles, ketchup, and papad, and lastly
     Reduce the use of fried foods, junk foods, and sweets that are considered unhealthy by doctors.

What is decompensated heart failure

It is important to understand the heart failure. Often, people feel that heart failure refers to stopping working of the heart when it is not, in heart failure, the muscles of the heart become week due to which it is unable to pump blood effectively. This limits the movement of oxygen and essential nutrients.
There is also a risk of heart failure due to-
Coronary artery disease  (CAD), heart attack, high blood pressure, heart valve disease, cardiomyopathy, lung disease, diabetes, obesity, alcohol consumption, drug use, and family history.

Can we get relief of high blood pressure

These may not be the cure but will control the pain and hopefully, relieve the pain forever if followed regularly.
Doctors and medical experts suggest that it is not impossible to control high blood pressure. It can be controlled by adopting a healthy lifestyle, and good eating habits. The risk of heart disease and brain stroke increases manifold if the blood pressure is not controlled on time.

 Eat healthily and stay safe.

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