Latest Hindu Baby Boy Names 2020 | Unique & Best List

Check out all the list of Hindu baby boy names to find the best and unique name for your newborn. The article is a list of the latest suggestions to select.

Hindu Baby Boy Names 2020
Hindu Baby Boy Names 2020

Names for boys Hindu Religion based:-

Hindu baby boy names may be as tiring as for any other religion. Each couple finds it their duty to name their child with the most extroverted, non-competitive, powerful, meaningful, & unique tag.

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With an immense variety of legendary persons & history in the Hindu religion, it gets hard for one to locate the ideal name for your youngster. We have a list of most uncommon names from everywhere with meanings to help you characterize your child by naming your journey.

Best uncommon Suggestive Hindu names for boys for each letter:-

       Name                      Meaning

     Aabheer                     Herd of cow
     Acharya                     King of dance
     Achuthan                   Name for Lord Krishna
     Aarav                        Peaceful
     Aaradhya                   Prayer, worship
     Aariketh                    Another name for Ganesh
     Aadithya                    Sun’s lord
     Aadvay                      Unique
     Aaron                        Bringer of light
     Abhayananda             Delighting in strength
     Abhidyu                     Brightest, heavenly
     Abhijat                      Noble, victorious
     Aksharan                   Another name for lord shiva
     Ananth                      Full of joy and ever smiling
     Anuttama                  Wisest, highest, best
     Ayutajit                     Conqueror of many (Son of Sindhu dvipa)
     Arnav                        Ocean, Air, Sun
     Balan                        Vibrant
     Barbarika                  One with curly hair, wild, savage
     Baristha                    Strongest, toughest
     Bhadraksh                 One who has attractive eyes
     Badal                        Cloud of rain
     Baneet                      One who is most polite
     Bhaumik                   Grounded to earth
     Bhavyansh                The bigger part
     Binoy                        One who is Humble, request
     Banjeet                     Victory of the forest

Some more Hindu boy baby names-

     Cakravartin            Ground-breaking, prestigious, sovereign
     Chaitanya              Cognizance
     Chatresh                Lord shiva
     Chaitya                  Perceivable
     Chahel                   Cheerful
     Dalbir                    Proprietary of the king
     Darsh                    Sight, handsome, lord Krishna
     Danish                   Forgiving & clever
     Ekansh                  Complete
     Ekavir                    Bravest of the brave
     Ehit                       One who is always smiling
     Frado                     First
     Gunbir                   Virtuous & brave
     Gaurang                 Fair or spouse of Gauri
     Garry                     A spear
     Granthik                 Narrator
     Hredhaan               Has a big heart
     Hemang                 Shiny body
     Henley                   High wood or clearing
     Jainew                   Conquering, Victorious 
     Jason                     Curious
     Jairaj                     Ruler, the most victorious one
     Kairava                  Born from water, the lotus of white color
     Kalap                     Moon
     Kaanav                  Old wise sage
     Kanha                    Another name for Lord Krishna
     Kanwar                  Prince
     Kavin                     The natural beauty
     Kautik                    Joyful
     Kayilai                    Abode of the lord Sivan
     Keerat                    The judge, decider
     Kartik                     The other name for god Murugan
     Karnavira                Whose wonder is heard, a notable warrior
     Ketubh                    Cloud of water
     Kavyansh                Born with poetry, Quite intelligent
     Kiaan                      Grace of god
     Lekhraj                   The supreme, Lord of the gods
      Laabh                    Benefit or profit
     Lakhbir                   Warriors of many, defender, brave equally to lakhs
     Lokit                       The enlightened being, god equal
     Luay                       Proper name
     Maan                      Mind        
     Mahiman                 Power, authority, dignity, greatness
     Manbir                    Brave from heart
     Manthan                 Reflection of the heart
     Nachiket                 One which is unperceived
     Praneel                   Another name for lord Shiva
     Pranit                     Leader or the pioneer
     Pratyush                 Sun
     Qabil                      Acceptor
     Qays                      The firm
     Raayan                   Gates of heaven
     Rudranew               Another name for hiva, storn
     Samaksh                Presence
     Sarthak                  With some meaning or worth
      Saksham               Complete
     Tejas                      Sharp
     Tanay                     Son
     Tanish                     Ambition
     Udarsh                    Brimming
     Viraj                       Resplendent
     Zehaan                   Super abundant
     Zain                       Peace
     Zayyar                   Beautifier

OTT Tips to choose the Hindu baby boy names:-

For every parent of every new baby selection of boy names Hindu religion-specific is a task. The choice is not wrong or right but varies with the preference of the selector. Many friends and relatives are influencing the choice.

But the only thought is that the name remains for the lifetime, so you may not regret your decision later. Below are a few tips for choosing the right baby name.

1. Choose the one with the Best Sound-

The more pleasant the sound of the name will be, it will be easier to remember the name. It should not sound difficult or unpleasant to the ears. Don’t end up picking the name that rhymes with the last name.

2. Avoid choosing fancy Hindu boy Names-

These may become outdated with the flip of the fashion. The trendy names may even look awkward after a specific period of shine. It is quite evident to choose the trending baby boy names Hindu, it is the desire.

But you may reconsider the thought because it may be a bad choice over the long run.

3. Be gender-specific-

Although a man is known for his achievements and not by his name. But the kid has to spend his childhood while earning that name. And the unisex name you are opting for your little one may be made fun of at times, making him lose his confidence.

What might have felt cute in the beginning might end up awkward. All these norms should be kept in mind while choosing a name for your baby girl.

4. Try finding a name with a beautiful soul-

Everything that has meaning is always valued, so is the case of Hindu boy names. Try finding a name that is simple and can give a message of the boy’s character.

Many individuals search for names of legendary personalities or occasions to name their youngsters after.

5. It should have the essence of Tradition & Culture-

You can run behind Baby names boy Hindu giving away a reflection of your customs or beliefs.

You could name your new one after a well-known family figure that has affected you or in concern with a person or the thing that is a section of your way of life.

6. Are you a bad planner for your adult?

Your choice should not be pointed out when your little one is an adult. It should be like a mother’s love, which always blossoms.

One tag you choose may sound perfect in his infant age, but on growing up he may feel discomfort about it. Choose a name wisely for all ages.

7. Can a nickname be drawn out of it?

Always choose a name to extract a nice nickname from it. It is to avoid spoiling the original one. The spoilage might confuse the names, ending up with people remembering only the spoilt name.

Select one a part of which can be used directly or slightly molded to create a nickname.

8. Name that is proportional to the stars in the horoscope-

 Any Hindu boy names are mostly chosen with an initiative to match the birth stars. The horoscopes are to align all the stars and decide all the future actions depending upon them.

Depending upon the horoscope and deciding on the initials will cut down most options, making the decision easy and fast.

9. Choose the most confident one-

The parents should be sure about the choice they have made. It should give your child unique confidence in being recognized especially for the name he has, and boost his morale.

It should bring him a little appreciation that he has something valuable for him.

10. Don’t stress your head out-

Despite the immense peer pressure, this is not rocket science. It only requires little patience and generalizing the situation. Even if there happens to be some unwanted mistake no one is going to punish.

It’s just a matter of concern you need to adhere to. Be a little innovative in whatever you do, and just see the miracle that happens.
Do you hear someone saying, “who is he what is his name” in your nearest extinction?  It is something from where the whole portrayal begins, so it has to be specific.

After all the hardship faced in the birth process, this is a next step on the ladder to parenting.

Choosing the best suited Hindu baby boy names is more technical now. You as a parent will never make any wrong decision for your kid, but we always need helping hands at tough times in life.


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