Malibu hair treatment | Meaning | Conditions | DIY at home

Malibu hair treatment is a hair care treatment to remove excess accumulation in hair caused due to hard water. This can be due to the pool water or water hardness.

Malibu hair treatment
Malibu hair treatment

Why is malibu treatment employed?

Malibu Hair Treatments are performed mostly at parlors, can also be performed at home with the products available. The items list includes shampoos, conditioners, and processes. Although perfection can be attained only by a stylist.

It will majorly remove the excess accumulation on hair caused due to the water hardness.
Hardness in the water is constituted with calcium and iron, which is the thing that makes lighter hair take on a coppery or bold shade.

This is the problem faced by most of the swimmers. This method effectively removes the copper build-up that causes the light hair to turn greenish. Every sachet constitutes of granules referred to as “Crystal Gel”, which are to be used with water to rub into hair.

The professional-style maker’s hair dries it for at least 40 minutes for the best results. Time consumed to complete the procedure might vary depending upon the density and length of your hair, and it can be customized.

Extra advantage:

This peculiar method of pampering head will prepare them for coloring, perms, and relaxers. Think about each strand as a little lobby.

The more individuals you push into the lobby, the less room there will be, and in the end, you will come up short on space. When there is a development in the strands, minerals and polluting influences assimilate into it, immersing them.

Thus, when shading or perms are applied to the hair, there simply isn’t any space for the synthetic substances to ingest into it.

The Malibu treatment hair will be an outcome to help in the process of professional coloring, perming, or relaxing since it removes build-up for these processes.

Frequency of treatments:

Experts suggest that you can get it every nine weeks or so, specifically for colored hairs.  If you are using Malibu hair products at home, follow the instructions on the packaging to use it.

The shampoo and conditioner can be used weekly, for the smoother and shinier scalp.  Other items like Neutrogena clean volume, Avalon Organics Lemon, and Clairol Herbal Essences clarifying shampoo are proved to have effective results.

Few store-bought shampoos are prescribed to be used daily.

Malibu hair treatment at home – DIY

The process is utilized to apply in the scalp to make it healthy and feel natural. This specific remedy is used to neutralize the unfriendly impacts of hard water/rust on the hair.

They involve enemies of oxidants that forestall the aggregation or social event of calcium, copper, iron, and magnesium. Steps involved in how to do malibu hair treatment at home

  • Ideally, mix 2 sachets of instant lemonade with enough water to form a thick paste to apply easily. The quantity of lemonade can vary depending on the length of the fleece.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly to make them completely wet.
  • Mix the lemonade with the conditioner and apply it to your hair, resting it for the while to extract the complete benefits of the mixture.
  • In this step, you need to wear a shower cap or wrap a towel around your head. After letting it stay for 15 minutes, remove the cap.
  • The next step is shampooing your fleece with a mild shampoo or any other suitable shampoo depending on your hair type. Make sure to make use of this method once every 2 months as required.

How long to wait to color after the process:

A malibu treatment for hair frees your hair from unwanted accumulation and damage. The answer to the above heading depends on many factors relating to hair, like its length, type, and color form you are going to use. 

In most cases, your hairstylist can best advise you to begin at least one week after the procedure. If you tend to follow this pattern, you will observe the best blonde results. Thus, waiting for a specific period after the treatment is advisable.

Products of malibu treatment:


It is similar to regular shampoos we use, but it is a little different in treating the extra accumulation of hardness in the scalp due to water.

People living in areas with hard water can prefer it for use. The hard water damages follicles to a great extent, particularly for swimmers this type of shampoo is appropriate, so that does no or less damage to your hair.

Malibu C Swimmers Water Action Shampoo-

This is almost similar to the product listed above. Individuals who go for swimming as an ordinary practice can apply this specific item to shield their hair from Chlorine and hard water harm.

Malibu C Blondes Weekly Brightener-

This is a product of Malibu treatment before and after hair color. It diminishes discoloration from your follicles.

They might become ashy, blondy, and grassy due to continuous styling. This selective thing will boost the natural shine of your hair, besides reconstructing them and increasing manageability.

Wrapping up,

It would be the most app to state that every malibu hair treatment is effective if executed in precision.

Do not panic just go for malibu as we have guided, and you will turn out to be a role model. For other headache and health-related issues and more Hair treatments, we have been writing on topics of concern, I hope you are able to find your solution there if not here.

Stay healthy, Stay safe!

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