Secrets of types of migraine – Which migraine do you suffer

Migraine’s ​problem is seen in most people today. It ​is a complex disorder characterized by frequent moderate to severe headaches and often accompanied by many voluntary nervous system-related issues. 

types of migraine

The headache usually affects only one part of the head lasting for 2 to ​72 hours. ​Women are more likely prone to this head disease.

According to the economics times report, ​​it is spreading globally, affecting 1 in every 7. If you talk only about India, there are about 150 million people here, and despite this, unfortunately, people lack awareness about the possible methods of treatment. Due to this, they are not able to get the right treatment at the right point of time. 

Symptoms of migraine:

The less fortunate ones face headaches as well as other symptoms, like vomiting, dizziness, and difficulty in vision. The never-ending pain ​in the head​ ​casts from a few hours to a few days, in some cases dwelling from childhood. 

Like any other problem, it also has some symptoms that indicate its onset. If you suffer any amongst these 6 symptoms, then you should not ignore them and should inform the doctor immediately. 
  • Constipation – ​If a person has a bad stomach, and is troubled by the problem of constipation, then he may have this head disease. Therefore, everyone should take special care of their stomach and should eat only nutritious food.
  •  Mood swing – ​Another symptom is mood swings. In such a situation, if a person is upset for mostly no reason then he should immediately meet a psychologist and treat it. 
  •  Hunger issues – ​Eating 3-4 times a day is the law of nature. But some people feel too hungry, such people are made fun of, and for this reason, they hide the fact. However, no person should be negligent to this and should contact a doctor for this. 
  • Neck stiffness – ​Neck stiffness is a sign of tiredness, for which people adopt common methods. However, it also requires medical help as it can cause many serious head problems like cervical cancer. 

In case your symptoms are not matching the above then see your trusted doctor for immediate relief. The issues might not appear to be severe initially but turn out to be outraging if not treated immediately.

Causes of migraine-type specific :

Although the exact cause is unknown, they are thought to be the result of abnormal activity in the brain affecting nerve signals, chemicals, and blood vessels.

 It is not clear what causes this change in brain activity, but it is possible that some people are struggling with helpless throbs in their heads because of their genes.

Well, there are some elements that can cause helpless pain in the head, so if a person defends them then it reduces the possibility of severity. 

This problem can be mainly due to some reasons, which are as follows​ – 
  •  ​  Hormonal change 
  •    Eating indigestible
  •    Taking too much stress
  •    Taking medicine 
  •    Performing sexual activities  
  •    Waking up and sleeping time is not right. 
It is quite difficult for people to find the difference between a headache and a migraine. While on the one hand, throb in the head is mainly a symptom of the other, which resolves on its own often some time, occurring all over the head.

On the other hand, it can last from a few hours to days, affecting both sides of the skull.

Types of migraine:

These ​are of many types, some of which are as follows – 

Visual migraine : 

​This type also is known as classical ​migraine, ​is found in about 25 percent of people. In the case of classical ​migraine,  ​people have eye problems such as a black spot in the light, or glare in the light.

Visible migraine :

This is a common type, it’s called common ​migraine. ​It is estimated that about 11 percent of people worldwide suffer from this, and if they have a severe headache, they might suffer from vomiting, mood swings, and other symptoms.

Menstrual migraine : 

​As the name suggests, this ​migraine occurs ​only to women. In which it occurs in about 60% of women, mainly on the date of the onset of menstruation. 

Chronic migraine :

Another name for it, this ​is a mixed headache since it combines the tissues of ​migraine ​and stressful headache. Chronic ​mainly occurs in the case of consuming high doses of medicine. 

Optical migraine :

This is also known as eye​ migraine,​ which affects only one eye. In the case of optical ​migraine, ​a person needs immediate medical attention. Also, the eye may be infected because of this.

Best treatment of migraine:

The topic matters to every person who is troubled by this head disease. Since he considered it to be just a headache, he might be using a lot of medication for this. 

However, it is not enough for him to do so,  if someone is suffering from chronic aches, they should use these 4 methods to treat the pain:
  • Take a tablet 
  • Exercise more 
  • Adopt a healthy diet
  • Go for brain surgery 
Brain abscission or operative treatment is the best way to get rid of adverse head disorders, despite this, some people are not able to get it done on time because of the high cost they assume. But if they would be aware that this is an economical process, at a cost of only 50,000, they might get it done immediately.

Risk of migraine:-

The benefits of timely treatment of migraines are not only that it can make a person healthy, but also there is another aspect that by doing this. its risks and symptoms can also be reduced by timely treatment. Despite this, if a person does not get treatment in time he has to fact the following risk involved- 
  •  Brain stroke
  •  Mental health problems  
  •  Stomach ache
  •  Untimely death 
  •  Insomnia  

Migraine precautions:

How can a migraine be prevented-

Probably migraine causes many problems, and during this time he has to undergo mental distress. But, do you know that if we take care of some things then we can prevent this.

These 5 precautions should be taken to prevent migraines with immediate effect.
  • Adhering to a balanced routine – To follow a balanced routine. 
  • Exercising regularly – Exercise helps in relieving headaches and healing head diseases.
  • Drinking sufficient amounts of water – For this reason, every person should drink a sufficient amount of water (8-10 glasses per day.)
  • Getting enough sleep – Experts suggest that the identity of a healthy person falls to how much he sleeps. A proper sleep schedule also enhances productivity.
  •  Don’t smoke – A person aspiring to be healthy should stay away from smoking because this will positively affect his health and he might not get a headache like a migraine. 

Conclusion –

 Certainly in today’s stressful life problem is mainly due to mental pressure which requires long term treatment. Since the victim is deprived of complete information about migraines team OnlyHealthCares is here to help and impart knowledge on health-related issues like a ​new daily persistent headache​. We also have a further blog on tips related to healthcare. 

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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