Sulfur Burps Causes, Treatment, and Facts

Sulfur Burps smelling like rotten eggs are mostly caused due to the air trapped in the esophagus entering the mouth while talking or any other activity.

Why do we burp quite often – Logical reasoning:-

Sulfur burpsare most common, that is how your body throws out the excess air so that you don’t burst out.
This type of burp taste like eggs and has a disgusting smell like a rotten egg, caused by hydrogen sulfide gas. Generally, burps are because of the gulped air caught in the throat and burped retreat, which never reaches the stomach.
This air is either swallowed or is a resultant of the bacterial food decomposition in the body. Carbonated beverages and swallowed air, are the common reasons for sulfur burps.

Causes of this unwanted bad burp:-

Your system might, on average, pass around 15-25 times gas in a day, which is normal.
Mostly these burps are harmless, but in the long run, it may be an alert to something serious. These reasons need to be found out and treated soon before any harm happens.
The various causes that cause excessive burps with rotten egg smell are below. Read More in Next Page

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)-

The above disease promotes acid reflux, causing stomach acid to grow towards the esophagus and cause heartburn. At times, the substances in the stomach are in part spewed.

Consumption of sulfur-rich food-

Whatever you are eating will affect your body, including the sulfur burps, besidesthe poop smells like sulfur. At times when the person is eating sulfur-rich food more than others, it might trigger the rotten egg burp. 
In the process of breakage of food high in sulfur, the blech may smell even worse.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)-

It is a severe disorder affecting the large intestine developing traits of gas, pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, or constipation.

Infection caused by the bacteria in the stomach-

The most common infection caused by this condition is Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), covering a considerable portion of the population.
Some common signs of indication experienced by a small proportion of the affected ones include burping, nausea, and pain in the lower abdomen.

Allergies to food-

It happens when a specific food type does not suit the digestive system, causing problems like gastric issues, nausea, and diarrhea. Lactose constituent in the dairy product is the most common irritant to the digestive system, besides others like wheat, or oats.


It is a condition of swelling in the lining of the stomach, due to the pylori infection as the most common cause. Other reasons might include alcohol intake, regular intake of NSAIDs (the type of drug), or tobacco usage.
The signs include burps or hiccups, a feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.

How to stop burping by domestic care at home:-

Anyone facing the irritation of sulfur burps with foul-smelling, to forget what does sulfur smell like.

Green and herbal tea-

They help improve digestion and likewise enable the body to expel poisons, which leads in general wellbeing. Also peppermint and chamomile tea intake quite a few times in a day helps reduce the frequency of burps to a minimum.


It is used to reduce gas and support acidity issues. Recent studies have revealed that people with irritable bowel syndrome have a better recovery when consuming turmeric over proper intervals.


It is a conventional treatment to reinforce and soothe the stomach related framework. People in India bites fennel seeds after each feast or consumes it as a tea to decrease gas and swelling. It even refreshes the bad breath.


Studies have revealed that cumin seeds have helped symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, gas, & bloating. Also, the black cumin seeds work effectively as a fighting agent for the common digestive infection and heartburn.

Caraway seeds-

Have a go at preparing a teaspoon of caraway seeds into 1 liter of bubbling water to make a relieving tea, curing sulfur burps.
Caraway seeds likewise have an antimicrobial effect and have guarantee treating regular stomach related diseases like H. pylori. People use it in case of indigestion and heartburn.


Try including it into your meal to treat the problem but avoid the ginger ale, which may enhance the gas formation into the body. Ginger is a medicine in fighting various other health issues besides boosting immunity.

Drink lots of water stay hydrated-

Sufficient intake of water can have a good effect on good health and can go far toward controlling smelly sulfur burps. Drinking additional water kills breath issues and protects the stomach from attacking microscopic bacterias.
Have a full glass of water before any heavy meal for improved digestion.

Manuka honey-

Intake of this type of honey kills potentially infectious bacterias relieving the digestive issues. It may likewise help secure the stomach related covering and mitigate side effects of problems like IBS.

Apple cider vinegar-

The cider vinegar incorporation into the body helps control the growth of bacterias in the gut. It helps normalize digestive disorders. Drinking a spoon full of apple cider vinegar in a glass full of water can help fight the symptoms.

Say no to alcohol-

Excessive or frequent intake of alcohol is a big-time culprit in developing sulfur burps. To a minimal extent, it affects the digestive enzymes causing acid reflux issues in the body, resulting in sulfur burp.

Reducing intake of trigger foods-

These foods vary depending on the person’s digestive activities. Some foods like garlic, milk products, broccoli, or sugar products can be triggering to some but not in others. You need to track them and decide your diet accordingly.

Avoid sugary foods-

Sugar is the main supporting villain in the movie of foul-smelling burps. It feeds the bacteria in the lining causing the sulfide gas to build up. Avoiding sugary foods and opting for sugar-free ones, to a big extent can help reduce the symptoms.

Avoid carbonated beverages-

Usage of these drinks to consume means adding more sugar to the mix and triggering rotten egg smell belch. Cutting them, sodas or sparkling water, in consumption can help suppress the problem.

Use Foods low in preservatives-

Preservatives are considered bad for their extremely harmful traits in the health sector. Cutting on packaged or canned foods, with a high level of preservative in it, can avoid triggering sulfur burps, improving the digestive system.

How to get rid of sulfur burps instantly at home:

The patient might opt for various therapies to help invade the symptoms. Elimination of various routine activities can also result in avoiding the burps, and feeling healthy. These habits include- ●     Chewing excessive hard food ●     Chewing gums that are not healthy ●     Eating the food eagerly and not biting properly ●     Talking too much while talking ●     Eating food more than your capacity ●     Smoking

You should see a doctor for these issues:-

In case you do not find any other symptoms except for burps when these do not have any effects on your life, no need to visit a physician.
But if one is facing excessive burping that is troubling with no corresponding signs, then it is to be treated. You can keep a record of your food habits that trigger sulfur burps, and try to avoid them.
If keeping a track still does not help and the rotten egg burpscontinue, then you should consult your physician for help.
The expert will find out whether the symptoms are due to aerophagia or supragastric belching, to cure them.
You might also have other feelings like nausea, abdominal pain, eating issues, or some other problems.

Non- prescribed medicines for the problem:-

When the home treatment does not give relief from the problem below is the list of anti-gas medications that are readily attainable. ●     Beano – It consists of digestive enzymes to help digest hard to digest sugars particles. ●     Simethicone – Useful to cluster the gas particles and avoid unwanted sulfur burps. ●     Bismuth subsalicylate – Best aid to reduce the rotten egg smell of the burps. ●     Probiotics – Their intake gives the body required bacterias to promote a healthy digestive system, hence reducing smelly results. ●     Enzyme lactase – This will help in improving lactose suitability to digest dairy things. Hope you find your issues here, for more health-related support on similar topics like Sulfur Burps, team Only Health Cares is continually educating people with dedicated efforts and effective research techniques. 
Find your problem through our numerous productive articles over health and personal care issues.  Stay healthy, Stay safe!

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