Tongue Swelling Issue : Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

  • Allergies to insect bites, such as from bee stings
  • Drug allergy (penicillin or codeine)
  • Food allergy
  • Anaphylactic allergic reaction

An inflamed tongue may occur due to irritation and trauma that include-

  • Tongue slashing
  • Tongue burning, such as hot liquids, hot foods or spicy foods
  • Dental equipment
  • Tobacco

Other causes of a swollen tongue-

A swollen tongue can cause many other diseases, disorders, and conditions:

  • Acromegaly 
  • Beckwith Widman syndrome
  • Down syndrome
  • Hereditary angioedema
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • Lymphangioma 
  • Oral neurofibroma
  • Pelagia  
  • Poor anemia 
  • Pituitary gland disorder
  • Sarcoma 
  • Tongue cancer

Treatments of Swollen tongue issues that can be cured:-

Treatment of tongue inflammation focuses on two goals, reducing inflammation and pain and wellbeing that is causing the issue.

  • Your doctor may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication or suggest over-the-counter treatments such as ibuprofen. These medicines can help reduce inflammation and reduce pain while your doctor treats the underlying condition.
  • Your doctor may prescribe medications such as antibiotics, antifungals, or antimicrobials to reduce the swelling.
  • They may also recommend dietary and lifestyle changes that avoid smoking and alcohol. Your doctor may also advise you to take supplements, such as iron or vitamin B-12.
  • Good oral hygiene can also help reduce symptoms of tongue swelling. Brush and floss your teeth every day. Get your teeth checked regularly by a dental professional.

Some additional remedies with causes:-

Your tongue may swell for many reasons, usually due to medications, allergies, and underlying medical problems. The angio (Tongue edema), means that inflammation occurs in the deeper layers of the skin is also a related term.

  • Lorraine Smith, MD, Osborne Head and Neck Institute sometimes mention, this is not only the part of the tongue, but the half tongue is swollen, but behind the tongue, mouth, gums, and sometimes the tone of voice.
  • A tongue is mainly a muscular structure covered with layers of cells, called the epithelium. It’s surface with taste buds, allows us to distinguish flavors such as bitter, sweet, and salty. Like the tongue, the taste buds on your tongue may swell.
  • Since an inflamed tongue can hit your aviation passage and make it difficult for you to breathe, it is usually a health-related crisis treated immediately.

When should I take a Tongue swelling medical term?

  • Inflammation of the tongue is known as glossitis, accompanied by redness and other symptoms.
  • Allergies, infections, underlying medical conditions, or even some medications can trigger tongue swelling. While it is generally not an emergency, there is a possibility of sudden onset of excessive swelling for obstruction of breathing. One indication is anaphylaxis, which is considered a medical emergency.
  • If you have signs of swelling in the tongue, you may or may not need to call your doctor. Body swelling and swelling of the tongue usually resolve after several days. If the signs are present even after days, that is if you have trouble swallowing, breathing, or speaking, contact your primary care physician. 
  • An enlarged or inflamed tongue may also occur as an allergic reaction to drugs or other substances. In this case, inflammation due to fluid accumulation in the tongue tissues, known as angioedema.
  • A dramatically inflamed tongue can cause shortness of breath and a medical emergency. Treatments of allergic reactions, including the swollen tongue, are epinephrine, antihistamine, or steroid medications.
  • Severe swelling of the tongue blocking the airway is a medical emergency. If this happens, you should seek emergency medical attention.

In the end, we want to share this, 

Your tongue plays a role in eating, speaking, and breathing, so any tongue swelling can have a significant impact on your immediate health and quality of life.

Even if it seems minor, it can be a sign of an infection or health condition that may be the cause of long term problems.

If you or someone suddenly feels that their tongue is hurting, seek medical attention immediately. Even if the swelling is slight or gradual, talk to your doctor to find out if you have a slight allergy or have any other medical problems.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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